Enforcement Training

Giving our people the skills they need

Our enforcement teams are, literally, the public face of Equita. To ensure they deliver the service we promise our clients, and maintain the trust of the people they encounter every day, we invest heavily in their professional training and personal development.

Through our comprehensive training and development programme, we give every member of the Equita team the skills and knowledge they need to meet their individual targets, and our wider corporate goals. Our Enforcement Agent Training Course, approved by City and Guilds, incorporates NVQ and Modern Apprenticeship qualifications in business administration, customer service, IT management and team leadership. Agents’ continuous professional education (CPE) includes regular assessments and refresher courses, supported with classroom-based and online training and examinations.

We also run a highly successful mentoring scheme, in which enforcement agents in the early stages of their career work alongside more experienced colleagues. This real-world training is vital in equipping our people to deal with the realities of life in the field, which no amount of classroom teaching or simulations can truly recreate.

Our Training and Development Policy is monitored at senior management level, and audited both internally and externally to ensure the highest standards across our business.