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Stages & Fees Explained

Enforcement Process Explained

This video, produced by the Civil Enforcement Association (CIVEA), explains the process of enforcement to help you, our customers and clients, understand what happens at each stage of that process and why. It also explains the associated fees for each stage.

The video explains the process in normal circumstances; however, we recognise that we are all currently experiencing a different ‘normal’ due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the associated social distancing requirements. This has meant some adaptations to those normal process which are explained below:

CIVEA have taken steps to ensure that safe working practices are followed to enable us to continue our work whilst minimising the risk to our colleagues, clients, customers, and protecting the NHS.

This is partly done through the EA Covid-19 Safe Working Programme, which has been designed to encourage the best working and safety practices amongst our Enforcement Agents. All Enforcement Agents must send a message every morning to the office confirming that they are symptom free prior to commencing work, and all will carry alcohol wipes, sprays, gloves, and face masks. All Agents displaying any symptoms, or who have been contacted by the Track and Trace programme, will be required to self-isolate and not attend work. All Enforcement Agents who are working will follow the 2-meter social distancing rules and are not to enter any properties – even if invited.

Once at the property our Agents will introduce themselves, and quickly explain the need for social distancing and establish whether anyone within the property is showing symptoms or currently self-isolating. We will then discuss the case with the relevant party without the need to enter the property, maintaining safe social distancing.

Until further notice our Enforcement Agents can only accept payment via contactless methods (No Cash) such as a secure payment URL link sent via email or SMS, and all receipts will be emailed where requested.

If you are a customer expecting an Enforcement Agent to visit, get in touch with us now to avoid the visit and the additional fees incurred.

At Equita, we leverage our experience, expertise and technology to deliver a seamless service that maximises collections and empowers both staff and communities.”

Martyn Shapter, Managing Director