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Our pre-warrant services give both customers and local authorities a final chance to find a resolution and avoid the extra costs of debt registration. At the Notice to Owner/Charge Certificate Stage, we begin by cleansing the data, tracing customers and updating your systems with new addresses.

Before the penalty charge notice (PCN) is registered as a debt at the Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC), we undertake further analysis and prepare a report detailing predicted collection results, and our proposed collections strategy.

Our pre-warrant collections process gives customers an alternative early stage collection option while our three-stage tracing procedure will locate those who have moved and failed to inform the authority.

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We understand the difficult balance our clients must strike between commercial delivery and social empathy. Our years of industry experience combined with our focus on people and technical modernisation means that we get results and we do the right thing for our clients and their communities.”

Martyn Shapter, Managing Director

Following our recent sale and new ownership, Equita, Ross & Roberts and Stirling Park are now collectively the Omexus Group. There will be no changes to operations and it’s business as usual – with the benefit of a new group name to mark a new era.
We continue to trade as Equita Ltd, Ross & Roberts Ltd and Stirling Park LLP