Our Philosophy

You can sum up our philosophy in just four words: Diligent, driven, swift, intelligence.
  • Diligent Protecting your reputation, and your most vulnerable customers, is at the heart of our approach

    We do things the way they should be done. Whether it’s the way we manage our client accounts, or how we take care of vulnerable people, we invest the time and resources in the systems and people to make sure we’re the best in the business.
  • Driven We are always striving to produce the best results in the UK industry

    We work hard for our clients, and our own reputation. We consistently achieve the highest collection rates in the industry, and want to keep things that way. It’s good for our clients and our business.
  • Swift We protect your interests through immediate, effective action

    They say time is money. Never a truer word. Every outstanding council tax bill and parking fine puts public services under even greater strain: each unpaid utility bill pushes up prices for everyone else. And for debtors themselves, the longer the debt persists, the longer it takes to get life back on track. We work fast to put things right, for everyone.
  • Intelligent We use data and technology to reduce costs, save time, use assets effectively and achieve greater results

    A customer base running into millions produces a colossal amount of data. We’ve designed our systems to provide the up-to-the-minute intelligence we need to identify who can’t pay and who won’t, track down absconders and persistent evaders, and help us develop specific strategies to recover monies effectively.