Why Equita HCE?

For High Court Enforcement Enquiries

Whether you’re looking to recover money through a single High Court Writ, or you need help with a large volume of judgment orders, you’ve come to the right people. With Equita, you’re guaranteed a fast, effective service, from a team with decades of experience, working to the highest professional standards.

But it’s not what we do that makes Equita HCE different. It’s how we do it. As our clients around the country will confirm, we are:

Driven to collect more. We consistently achieve high collection rates. Last year we collected 150 million for our clients. Through our nationwide network of offices, and a field service delivered by 450 highly trained and motivated enforcement officers, we can visit an address within hours of the allowable stage.

Swift to act. If we receive your instruction before noon, we can issue a Notice of Enforcement the same day. We’ll visit all cases within 24 hours of the allowable stage, 7 days a week.

Intelligence led. We’ve invested heavily in technology to help recover monies effectively - from tracing, to wearable and tablet technology for our HCEOs, to multiple payment options for customers, through to our online case management system for clients.

Diligent in all we do. From protecting the vulnerable, to looking after our clients and their reputations, you can count on us to enforce your judgments professionally and sensitively. We’re part of Capita, the UK’s leading business process outsourcing (BPO) and professional services company. So you can be confident that we come with comprehensive audit, risk and compliance processes.

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