Council Tax

Unpaid council tax puts even more strain on local authority budgets already stretched to the limit. Collecting these debts quickly and effectively is vital in reducing costs, and maintaining services to the responsible majority who pay in full, and on time.

At Equita, we can quickly determine who really can’t pay and who simple won’t, then take appropriate action. Our council tax collection services take a proactive approach to early-stage settlement of the debt during the compliance stage. We operate seven days a week, ensuring the greatest possible contact throughout the enforcement stage and, where necessary, the sale process.

  • FREE 14-day pre-compliance letter
  • Flexible approach to compliance and assisted compliance
  • Operational seven days a week
  • FREE payment collection and administration
  • 15 payment options, including direct debit and attachment to earnings or benefits
  • Contact by phone, letter, field agent, or a combination
  • Outbound telephone campaigns, run by specialists trained in negotiation and debt management
  • Tracing and tracking of elusive debtors
  • Encrypted data exchange for maximum security
  • Training workshops for your revenues staff
  • FREE training for Citizens Advice staff
  • Notice Serving