Local Taxation

With budgets under enormous, and growing, pressure, public services literally can't afford to lose a single penny. Across Britain, more than 200 local authorities, including London Boroughs, Metropolitan Councils and rural District Authorities, entrust us with recovering money they're owed - and need more than ever.

Our aim is to engage with people, and support them in settling their debt. Debtors can call a free or local-rate number to talk to our enforcement teams, who are specially trained in negotiation and customer care: in fact, we’re one of just a handful of companies running a City & Guilds-approved training programme through our own training academy. We then offer 15 different ways to pay: in our experience, people pay more readily when it's made as easy and painless as possible.

Transparency is everything in local government, and you can keep tabs on what's happening whenever you wish, in real-time, via the web. In 90% of cases, our IT systems can talk directly to yours; if they can't, we'll find a solution at no extra cost.