Commercial Property Debts

With insolvencies come empty properties, and the recession created plenty of both. With landlords liable for NNDR on unoccupied premises, our swift, efficient services are helping hard-pressed commercial landlords across Britain to reduce their costs and recover money they thought was gone for good.

By working with Equita, you'll avoid the expense of litigation: in fact, because all our costs are recovered from the tenant, you won't pay us a penny. What's more, instead of waiting months or even years for a settlement through the courts –- we'll issue the notice of enforcement the same day you instruct us and visit within 24 hours of the allowable time, and let you know the result as soon as we have it. Free, fast – and all just a phone call away.

Alternatively, please download and complete one of the following forms:

Instruction form – Forfeiture

Instruction form – Warrant of Control


For Commercial Property Debt Enquiries 

T: 01604 250116