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Pre-warrant collection

Our pre-warrant services give both customers and local authorities a final chance to find a resolution and avoid the extra costs of debt registration. At the Notice to Owner/Charge Certificate Stage, we begin by cleansing the data, tracing customers and updating your systems with new addresses. Before the penalty charge notice (PCN) is registered as a debt at the Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC), we undertake further analysis and prepare a report detailing predicted collection results, and our proposed collections strategy.

Our pre-warrant collections process gives customers an alternative early stage collection option while our three-stage tracing procedure will locate those who have moved and failed to inform the authority.


Equita has been awarded the following industry standards and accreditations.

  • Credit Services Association (CSA)
  • British Parking Association (BPA)
  • Civil Enforcement Association (CIVEA)
  • City & Guilds Accredited
  • Civil Court Users Association (CCUA)
  • High Court Enforcement Officers Association
  • IRRV Organisational Member
  • British Parking Awards 2018 Finalist