Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is making it easier than ever before to track down persistent evaders and recover unpaid parking charges. As one of the industry leaders, Equita has invested heavily in this intelligent technology, and now operates over 100 ANPR vans around Britain. When the cameras make a positive match, the system instantly flags up any outstanding warrants to our agents. They can then immobilise the vehicle and carry out full HPI and DVLA checks before seizing it.

Increasingly, ANPR is helping councils improve road safety and traffic management, too. Using fixed and mobile cameras, we can help enforce bus lanes and bans, and approaches to schools and pedestrian crossings.

We also offer a fully-funded Fixed Flexi Camera Solution, which allows you to adopt ANPR enforcement for bus lanes without any capital outlay. The package includes:

  • All civil engineering works to fix cameras
  • Contravention capture (Fixed cameras system)
  • Maintenance of front and back end systems
  • Interface with the council’s main Notice Processing System
  • Secure data transfer by either Wi-Fi, 3G or fixed data communications