Civil Parking Enforcement

Since Britain's first parking ticket was issued in 1960, offenders and enforcers have waged a constant war – one many councils feel they're losing. Unpaid Penalty Charge Notices represent a major loss of revenue, while attempts at recovery are a huge drain on already stretched resources. We're here to redress the balance.

With many years' experience in parking enforcement, we can establish whether someone is genuinely unable or just unwilling to pay, identify persistent evaders, and create a collection strategy that precisely matches the authority's particular needs and policies.

Everything we do is designed to engage with debtors and make it easy for them to pay. Our pre-warrant data cleansing process avoids wasting time chasing debts that will never be collected, and allows people a final chance to avoid costs. Once they decide to pay, we give them 15 different ways to do so, supported by our 85-strong telephone collections team. If they still hold out, we can use mobile Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) to track them down. And with real-time reporting via the web, you can keep a close eye on us, too.