Our Services

For High Court Enforcement Enquiries

We’re authorised to enforce:

  • High Court Writs
  • Unpaid County Court judgments (CCJ’s)
  • Volumes of judgment orders
  • Unpaid Employment Tribunal awards and ACAS settlements
  • Judgments from courts outside England and Wales


We can also help you with:

  • Transferring CCJs up the High Court through our FREE Transfer-Up Service
  • Recovering specific items of property
  • Evicting squatters, trespassers and protesters from private land and property
  • Recovering rent arrears and handling repossessions for residential and commercial landlords
  • Tracing tenants who've left in breach of their agreement, or with rent unpaid


Once the judgment is issued and the Writ has been sealed, you can leave the rest to us, secure in the knowledge everything will be handled professionally, efficiently and sensitively.


Some important terms explained

When you transfer a CCJ up to the High Court, you’ll be given the appropriate Writ to recover your money, property or assets. But if you’re not familiar with the process, the language can be confusing. So, here’s our quick guide to the different types of High Court Writ you might obtain, and what each is used for.

Writ of Control

This is issued for the recovery of money. It allows us to take control of goods and in the event of non-payment remove these for sale

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Writ of possession

This is issued for the recovery of property or land and allows us to evict trespassers or squatters

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Writ of possession and control

This combined Writ enables us to recover property, land and money

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Writ of delivery

Issued to recover a specific asset. It may be combined with a money judgment, enabling us to enforce payment or return of goods you have supplied

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Commercial Rent Arrears Recoveries: via a Writ of Control

To recover unpaid rent and any service charges, insurance premiums and other sundry debts

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Employment Tribunal Award or ACAS settlement

If you have received an award but it hasn't been paid, you can use our FREE Transfer-Up Service to obtain a High Court Writ, which we can then enforce for you

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Foreign Judgment enforcement

Where the judgment is in place outside of England and Wales but the debtor has assets within England and Wales

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