We use a combination of external tracing databases and our own Tracing Officers to track down debtors and people who've absconded or slipped under the radar. We also have access to the huge data and human resources of Capita plc.

The three-phase tracing process we've set out below is FREE, and follows the Credit Services Association code of conduct.

Phase 1
When we find a debtor has left the premises, we can use 15 different data sources to trace their whereabouts. The case will then be passed to our Tracing Department. Each of our 45 Trace Agents allocated a specified case load and rewarded for every trace they successfully complete and verifiy. Once we obtain a debtor's new address, we carefully check and verify it. If the data proves accurate, we'll issue a fresh enforcement notice, giving them an opportunity to pay.

Phase 2
If we can't confirm that the trace data is accurate, or the trail remains cold, we'll pass the case to an enquiry officer, who'll visit the potential possible new address in person. Once occupancy has been confirmed beyond reasonable doubt, we'll proceed to the enforcement stage. Where no new address has been confirmed, the tracing agent will visit the last known address, adjoining addresses and any location that may provide additional detail.

Phase 3
If the enquiry officer finds the property is vacant, we'll go back to the beginning and try again, before returning the case to the council.