Management Info

Timely, accurate management information is the lifeblood of our operations. MI enables us to monitor service delivery, manage resources and agree future objectives – and allows you to see how we're doing.

All our case data is stored centrally in our Collection System. Secure access via an online client-only portal gives you

  • Access to standard or bespoke reports
  • The option to design and run your own reports
  • The facility to download selected data in a .csv file for use with your own reporting tools.

All reports are available in Excel, .csv or Word format.

Standard Reports

Available to all our Local Authority clients, we reckon our standard reports provide 90% of the information you'll ever require. They include

    • Management Information – statistical reports on collection, performance and service standards
    • Monitoring Reports – updates on how our customer contact centre, systems, agents, customer-facing staff and compliance processes are performing
    • Pre-TEC Reports – all cases entered and accompanying information
    • Complaints Reports
    • Payment Reports - payments received, methods and dates
    • Fees Report – amount, type and allocation on cases
    • Hold Report – cases currently on hold at the council's request
    • Paid Report – searchable list of successful cases
    • Arrangement Report – cases on arrangement, including amounts, due dates and reminders
Bespoke Reports

We can provide the other 10% of the information you'll need in bespoke reports, designed especially for you by our IT team. These can be one-off analyses or regular updates, which you can customise and run whenever you need them.

If you prefer not to run your own reports, we can supply them by email, electronic transfer, as hard copy or in encrypted magnetic medium. We can also set up a secure FTP location, where you'll have access to reports at agreed intervals.

Monthly Management Pack

For some clients, we produce monthly management information packs, which allow you to monitor all aspects of our service delivery. Alongside our standard reports, the pack includes details of your Account Director, your Client and Enforcement teams, IT support, management information, training opportunities and other relevant news and updates from Equita.

For more details, please talk to your Account Director or contact us.