I.T Systems

People are the heart of our business, but it's our IT systems that make a lot of what we do possible. They're designed to help us maximise collections, serve customers more effectively, and provide detailed, accurate, timely reporting for us and our clients. They're also extremely robust, so debtors are always able to contact us and make payments, and totally secure, so everyone can use them with confidence.

Our Collections System

Our OneStep Debt Management collections system can process millions of client instructions every year. It's fully integrated with both our accounts package and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to help cases progress smoothly and efficiently. It can also ‘talk to' virtually all existing local authority systems (if it can't we'll create a bespoke solution that can) and records all notifications, instructions, guidance, correspondence, enforcement action and payments relating to each case and customer.

Your online access

As an Equita client, you'll have remote access to our collections system, allowing you to view, add and update case information securely, in real time, whenever you wish.

Our system and yours

By integrating our system with yours, you can transfer new cases to us, receive notification of payments and returns, and make changes to customers' names, addresses and circumstances, hold or proceed with cases, reconcile outstanding balances, and update case status.