Our People

For High Court Enforcement Enquiries

Alan Smith 

High Court Enforcement Operations Director

Alan has been our Operations Director since Equita High Court Enforcement was formed in 2013. Alan is an Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer and has over 30 years of knowledge and experience working in High Court Enforcement. He joined the enforcement industry in 1984 where he was a Sheriffs Officer for West Midlands County, Warwickshire, Hereford,Worcester, Leicestershire and Kent.

Alan is a former Director on the board of the High Court Officers Association and was instrumental as a working party member who in conjunction with the CICM, designed, implemented and delivered the educational pathway for Authorisation, by the creation of a degree level course in High Court Enforcement.

For further information contact Alan on alan.smith@equita.co.uk


James Metcalfe

High Court Enforcement Manager

James has worked in the Enforcement industry for over 25 years working for a variety of organisations. He started by enforcing local authority debt and then 5 years later moved to the High Court Enforcement world. James has been an Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer for 8 years and was a partner in the organisation C N Gaunt and Son before it was taken over by High Court Enforcement Group. 

James is responsible for the High Court Enforcement Officers and for the enforcement of the High Court Writs. His experience enables him to provide solutions to the majority of enforcement issues.

For further information contact James on james.metcalfe@equita.co.uk


Peter Gent

Business Development Director

Peter has over 26 years’ credit management experience and for the past 11 years Peter has worked for a number of leading debt recovery companies in both the B2B and B2C environment.

He has spent 5 years with Credit Resource Solution, specialist consumer debt recovery agency, of which 3 of those years was as a Board Director and a year with Lawton Hathaway, a credit control outsourcing business, managing both operations and sales.

Peter is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management and has been elected as Chair of the North West branch.

For further information contact me on peter.gent@equita.co.uk


James Connolly

Business Development Director

James brings many years of experience in the utilities sector in his role at Equita, having worked for British Gas for the majority of his working life. He specialises in both the metering and debt collection areas working with multiple suppliers across supplier chains to provide the best possible results.

For the last 3 years he was responsible for the commercial strategy for the entire debt supply chain for British Gas, including outsourced services such as debt voice, data provision, legal services and live and final collections. This role developed a passion for professional debt collection and an understanding that by utilising and managing the right suppliers in a formal, structured way can provide optimum results. James is using his supplier Relationships Management experience to successfully manage his client base for Equita.

For further information contact James on james.connolly@equita.co.uk


Gary Carr

Business Development Director

Gary's spent virtually his entire career with us, having joined straight from Wolverhampton University in 2006. He spent three years managing our bailiffs' day-to-day performance, then worked briefly as a branch manager with Encore Personnel, before returning to Equita in 2010 as Client Services Director, working with our London clients and overseeing the opening of our London office. In 2013, he was promoted to his current position, with responsibility for client care and new account sales. He's a member of the IRRV and the BPA.

For further information contact Gary on gary.carr@equita.co.uk